The New Brickhouse Daycare Opens in Sutton


Sutton, MA – Walk into Brickhouse Daycare on an average morning, and you might think you just entered a Boston yoga studio—but with a much younger clientele.

April on the floor with the kids in her beautiful home daycare.

April on the floor with the kids in her beautiful home daycare.

“It started by happenstance—I was stretching one day, and the kids wanted to join in!” says April Shaw, longtime child care specialist and owner of the new Brickhouse Daycare, which opens this summer. “So, I started doing yoga with them every morning. We do poses that are shaped like letters of the alphabet and just have fun with it. I’ve noticed that when we stretch in the morning, the kids seem to be a little bit calmer throughout the day.”

This is just one example of the way April works fitness and nutrition into her child care programs. “I’m very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle,” April says. “I think learning at a young age how to fuel and move your body really sets kids up for success in so many ways.”

And April knows a thing or two about setting kids up for success. The mom of two—ages five and thirteen—has spent the majority of her life caring for children. “I’ve been taking care of kids since I started babysitting at age 14!” laughs April. “For the past decade, I’ve worked in child care centers and, most recently, as a licensed assistant at my friend’s Family Child Care program.”

With her in-home child care experience, April decided it was time to open her own program in her Sutton home. Brickhouse Daycare will accept children ages three months to five years, and daily activities will range from physical play to arts-and-crafts to baking. “Our schedule will be tailored to ages and interests, but I do hope I get a chance to bake with the kids,” says April. “It’s such a rewarding activity for children and engages so many different skills. They can help stir, crack eggs, shape dough—then they can enjoy what they created and feel proud of their accomplishment.”

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April says baking has always been a favorite activity of her family and allows her and her daughter to still enjoy their favorite treats, despite a gluten intolerance. “My daughter and I both have celiac disease,” explains April. “But when we bake together as a family, we can control what goes into our food, have fun cooking as a family, and create delicious baked goods that we all love.” April says family favorites include gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, donuts, and chocolate avocado cream pie. “We devour it!” April laughs.

As a NeighborSchools Provider, April is working with the NeighborSchools team to secure her Family Child Care (FCC) license and launch her program. The FCC licensing process is mandated by the Massachusetts’ Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and includes trainings on childhood development and safety; a thorough home inspection and three-part background check; and up-to-date pediatric CPR & First Aid certificates. To learn more about licensing requirements, visit the EEC’s website.  

Through yoga, healthy snacks, structured learning activities, and more, April says her program will help children develop their bodies and their minds. “I know how hard it is to put your kids in someone else’s care while you’re at work,” says April, “I want parents to know that I will love their children as if they’re my own. Brickhouse Daycare will be a place where children can learn and grow in a nurturing environment.”

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