Experienced Educator to Open Dorchester Child Care


Dorchester, MA – When BabyAnne's Early Childhood opens in Geralyn Fagan’s Dorchester home this summer, it will draw on the educator’s vast experience in Boston Public Schools and her daily commitment to thinking outside the box.

Geralyn Fagan plays with children at the new BabyAnne’s Early Childhood in Dorchester.

Geralyn Fagan plays with children at the new BabyAnne’s Early Childhood in Dorchester.

“Over the years, I’ve worked with children of all different abilities and learning styles,” says Geralyn, who taught early childhood, elementary, and high school students during her nearly two-decade career in the Boston Public School system. “When something isn’t making sense, I usually find that it just takes a different approach. I don’t like to treat child care as cookie cutter—I want to give children different opportunities to learn in their own way and at their own pace.”

Geralyn says that this style of care not only helps a child learn, but also creates a happier and healthier environment. “When you really listen to children and encourage their creativity, you create trust,” she explains. “I want the children in my program and their parents to know that they can explore, learn, and develop in a supportive environment.”

This commitment to a safe and trusting atmosphere does not go unnoticed by the many families Geralyn has supported over the years. “I had the pleasure of both working with Geralyn and having her as my son's K2 teacher at the Early Learning Center in Boston,” says Ms. Sobers, a teacher at Boston Public Schools. “She was an incredible asset to our school—she just has that touch with young children. For instance, there are always tears on the first day, but Geralyn would connect with an upset child and the parents in a way that made everyone feel better.”

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And despite this vast experience and natural ease with children, Geralyn says she is always looking for new ways to connect with kids and inspire their imagination. “Lately, I’ve been noticing that the children are really responding to technology,” she explains. “So I’ve been adding more technology into my activities. Interactive experiences really help kids to understand concepts, so I like to include a variety of options, like playing with water, planting seeds, reading books—I want learning to be fun.”

While Geralyn sketches out these creative lesson plans, she is also working with NeighborSchools to complete the requirements for the Family Child Care (FCC) license, issued by the Massachusetts’ Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). As a NeighborSchools Provider, Geralyn receives support in navigating the process, which includes childhood development and safety training, program inspections and a thorough background check, and certifications in pediatric CPR & First Aid. More details about the Massachusetts’ licensing requirements can be found on the EEC website.

After licensing is complete, NeighborSchools will assist Geralyn in marketing and managing her program. “I really like working with NeighborSchools,” Geralyn says. “I’ve talked to other people who have set up and run their program without any assistance, and it was a nightmare for them. With NeighborSchools, I have a partner every step of the way.”

“Plus, NeighborSchools is keeping me on track, so I can launch my program as soon as possible. I cannot wait to open my doors, meet the families, and see what we can do together.”

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