A happy opening for Happy Kinder Care in Woburn


Woburn, MA – Mahmuda’s love for children is contagious. The mother of two, who moved to Massachusetts from Bangladesh fourteen years ago, says caring for children is her passion—and an opportunity to create a brighter future for her entire community.

Mahmuda Siddika will open Happy Kinder Care in her Woburn home this summer.

Mahmuda Siddika will open Happy Kinder Care in her Woburn home this summer.

“When kids are born, they are like sponges,” say Mahmuda. “What they learn when they are little will shape their whole lives.”

So when Mahmuda and her husband began growing their own family, the small-business owner decided to sell her successful convenience store and stay home with her children. “I didn’t want to miss those years with my kids,” Mahmuda explains. “If I was so focused on my business, I wouldn’t have had time to teach and nurture them. It was important for me and my family.”

Now that her children are ages two and five, Mahmuda says she is ready to launch another business—this time, a child care program in her own home. Happy Kinder Care, which will open in Woburn, MA, this summer will draw on Mahmuda’s love for kids, her desire to support children during their formative years, and her interest in giving back to her community.

“When I first met Mahmuda at a children’s birthday party, I was instantly impressed with how much she knew about child care,” says Bini Biswas, Mahmuda’s neighbor. “I am a first-time mom, and whenever I need help, Mahmuda is there. I have learned so much from her.”

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As Mahmuda prepares to begin accepting children—ages three months to five years—this summer, she is working with NeighborSchools to complete the final requirements for her Family Child Care (FCC) license, issued by the Massachusetts’ Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). As a NeighborSchools Provider, Mahmuda receives support in navigating the FCC licensing process, which includes trainings on childhood development and safety; a thorough home inspection and three-part background check; and up-to-date pediatric CPR & First Aid certificates. To learn more about licensing requirements, visit the EEC’s website.  

“With kids, every day is different,” says Mahmuda, who explains that her child care program will be structured around a variety of games and activities that promote physical, artistic, and social development. “We will play outside, visit local museums—whatever the kids like and will help they grow and learn. I want them to develop their bodies and minds, while also having fun.”

So, what is Mahmuda most looking forward to as she prepares to launch her new business? “When I think about my own childhood, I realize how I was shaped when I was young and how my early experiences are still a part of me. I want to create those same opportunities for the kids in my neighborhood. If I can help a few children and set them up for future success—that is all I want.”

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