Revere families will find dependable care at Miira Family Child Care


Revere, MA – Like so many parents, Silenat Degaga says her whole world changed when her daughter was born. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” shares Silenat, whose daughter is now almost three. “Every day is something new—she keeps learning and so do I.”

Silenat plays with a child in her new Miira Family Child Care program.

Silenat plays with a child in her new Miira Family Child Care program.

But along with the joys of becoming a parents came a few worries. When Silenat started looking for child care for her daughter, she was shocked to find that many options didn’t meet her expectations. “As a parent, looking for child care is so frustrating,” says Silenat. “I wanted a place that would love and care for my child the way I do; a place that I knew would be safe for her.”

So Silenat decided to take matters into her own hands, and she is opening the new Miira Family Child Care in her Revere home this fall. “I’ve always loved children, and I’ve always cared for the children in my life,” says Silenat. “But my daughter opened my eyes to the need for reliable child care in my own neighborhood. I want to provide a safe and convenient program for families in the area.”

Miira Family Child Care will accept children ages three months to five years. Per Massachusetts law, the program will be licensed through the state’s Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), and Silenat is working with the NeighborSchools team to complete the required trainings on childhood development, health, and safety; undergo a thorough home inspection and three-part background check; and maintain current pediatric CPR & First Aid certificates. More information about Massachusetts’ FCC licensing requirements can be found on the EEC’s website.  

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“Working with NeighborSchools has been such a help,” Silenat confesses. “They are with me every step of the way, and I am so grateful for that.”

Silenat explains that with NeighborSchools support in managing business logistics, she can remain focused on creating a program that local parents can trust. “As a parent myself, I understand how hard it is to leave your child in another person’s care,” explains Silenat. “I want families to know that I will love their child like my own—and I also want them to always feel welcomed. I encourage parents to stop by anytime. I look forward to working together to create the best care for their child.

But even as Silenat finalizes her license and puts the last touches on her space, family and friends say she is more than ready to launch her program.

“Silenat is just a loving, caring woman and like a mother to every child,” says Aynalem L., who knows Silenat through a mutual friend. “When she first told me she was going to open her own daycare I said, ‘yes, you will be perfect at that!’ I just wish she was opening the program near me, so I could send my kids to her!”

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