Take Your Child Care Career to the Next Level


The laughter of children, the scattered arts and crafts supplies, the milestone achievements—these are the sights and sounds a preschool teacher anticipates each day. But there is so much behind the scenes that compromises our teachers’ ability to pursue the careers they love: growing class sizes, overworked staff, dwindling pay, and more. Combined with limited control over curriculum and hours, and unlikely opportunities for advancement, preschool teachers are increasingly forced to make difficult choices between their life passion and their ability to make ends meet.

As an ambitious educator who has committed your life to caring for and teaching young children, you too may be facing emotional burnout and financial challenges. With these mounting burdens, you might even consider sacrificing your dreams. But there is another choice: you can open your own in-home Family Child Care Program, earn the income you deserve, and continue shaping young lives.

Striking out on your own sounds overwhelming, an unconventional path filled with unknown pitfalls. But the possibility of shaping your own career, based on your particular interests and needs, is exactly what make your Family Child Care Program so rewarding. When you are in control of your business, the benefits are tremendous:

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  1. Create the style that works for you and the children

    Have you worked at a facility where you didn’t think the daily activities were appropriate for the children? No longer. Whether you prefer focusing on play-based learning or you want to emphasize the outdoor experience, your program can be structured based on your passions and the interests of your children. Laynie Leek, a NeighborSchools partner, says this is one of the aspects she loves most about running her own program. “I believe in letting the kids play and allowing them to learn through exploration,” Laynie explains. “To me it's more important that the kids are developing socially and emotionally at this stage.”

  2. Finally earn the income you deserve.

    Preschool teachers are notoriously undercompensated, despite managing crowded classrooms and busy schedules. By opening an in-home program, you eliminate many of the burdensome overhead expenses of a childcare center and set your own fee structure. In fact, some Family Child Care Providers earn over $90,000 per year.

  3. Be a leader and entrepreneur.

    Entrepreneurial endeavors—and successes—are on the rise. Inc. Magazine has reported an 84 percent increase in entrepreneurs aged 30 to 39, revealing a growing trend of people pursuing professional ambitions earlier in their career. At childcare centers, where just one director typically oversees numerous teachers, the leadership opportunities are few and the likelihood of advancement is limited. By running your own program, you will finally assume a leadership position, while still maintaining an active role with the children in your care.

  4. Meet people in your community.

    With a community in-home program, you will become an integral member of your community. You will have the opportunity to meet and get to know other families in your area, who will come to rely on your services and expertise.

  5. You can build a career around a job you love.

    Few people can say that they are truly passionate about their work. By running your own child care program, shaped around your unique interests and preferences, you will be excited to go to work each day, proud of your contributions, and accomplished in your career. “Being a child care provider is a lot of work,” says Tasha Raye Ryan, “but I've found it very rewarding to develop a program that I'm proud of and a business that supports my family. Plus, I still get to work with children every day, and that's just what I love to do.”


As a preschool teacher, it may be difficult to imagine how you will continue pursuing your career interests while faced with growing demands to your time and resources. But you deserve to continue utilizing your talents, and your community needs your skills and expertise. Consider launching your own Family Child Care Program and defining a bright future for yourself and the children you will serve.

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Brian SwartzParents, Educators