Why is it so hard for Parents to find great child care?


Have you ever really thought about why its so hard for parents to find high-quality child care programs around Boston?

Did you know that the number of families with two working parents has nearly doubled in the last 30 years? Now more than ever, families need two incomes in order to put food on the table - and that means they need help raising their kids. Not just that, parents need high-quality programs so they can feel good about leaving their kids for the day.


It's stressful. Ask any parent you know - they are so desperate to find an Educator in their neighborhood that they trust!

At the same time, while the need is greater than ever before, the number of licensed Family Child Care providers is tragically on the decline.

How could that be?

Well, in the last twenty years, the government has increased regulations surrounding child care, including Family Child Care. This is a good thing! It means that licensed programs are guaranteed to meet some basic qualifications. But as with most government programs, the regulations require additional administrative work and have made it harder to get a license from the State. As a result, many excellent Educators don't understand how to obtain a license.


Sadly, unable to earn a livable wage teaching in a center-based program, many more Educators have left the field altogether. This only reduces the number of high-quality programs available to families - making the situation even worse!

But all this is starting to change.

Observing the current trends in parents' preferences, top Educators are starting to realize that opening their own Family Child Care program can be a great opportunity both personally and professionally. And that's where platforms like NeighborSchools fit in - by partnering with rockstar Educators we can help bring more high-quality child care programs back to our neighborhoods.

Brian SwartzParents