How to: Upload a Certificate to NeighborSchools

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Have you attended the Potential Provider Meeting? Or completed the Safe Sleep training and printed out your certificate? Great start!

Now it’s time to upload your certificate to NeighborSchools. This is really easy!

Step 1: Take a Photo

Using your cell phone, put the certificate on a flat surface and take a photo, making sure the text is legible and the entire certificate is in the photo.


Option 1: Upload Directly From Your Phone

The easiest way to upload an image is to login to NeighborSchools on your phone.

  1. Simply go to

  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Licensing > Objective (eg: Potential Provider Meeting)

  3. Scroll down to the Upload section and click “Select a file from your device”


From there, you’ll have access to your camera app and you can snap a photo and you’re all set!

Once you have uploaded your certificate, hit Finish to mark that section as complete!

Option 2: Email Your Certificate to NeighborSchools

Unsure of how to navigate NeighborSchools on your phone? No problem!

  1. Simply take a photo on your phone and email it to

  2. Alternatively you can text your image to 617-263-7500

Your Partnership Manager will reach out to confirm that we have received your Certificates and uploaded to NeighborSchools.

Need additional help? We’re available at